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When Rockabilly Clothes Meets Psychobilly Clothing

When Rockabilly Clothes Meets Psychobilly Clothing Posted on October 10, 2017Leave a comment

The time period ‘Rockabilly Clothing’ originated when the three disparate musical types of Nation-boogie, Hillbilly and Rhythm and Blues crossed paths within the late forties and early fifties in America. The hybridization of these three music styles became referred to as rockabilly and then advanced into the well-known Rock and Roll motion of the fifties.

Well-known rockabillies are Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Rick Nelson, The Stray Cats, Glen Glenn and Buddy Holly.

In the beginning of the eighties the expression “rockabilly” once again became very talked-about on account of its usage as a description of a selected retro trend type impressed by vintage pin-up women and fashions from the 1940’s and 50’s as worn by the fans of the then new Rock and Roll music. This fashionable model of Rockabilly clothes, was generally known as Psychobilly Clothes with its edgy added embellishments influenced by both punk and rockabilly, it could actually so easily be developed into a unique look by a creative particular person who is a fan of this up to date Rockabilly model.

Psychobilly Clothes and style combines punk with elements of 1950s rockabilly fashion as discussed and the UK Teddy Boy trend: brothel creepers are steadily worn which went hand in hand with skinny denims typically known as drain pipe denims, as well as leather jackets, usually occasions extreme full leopard print drapes, gasoline-station work shirts and Pschobilly band T-shirts.

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Psychobilly hair consists of a quiff, most Psychobilly guys will shave the sides of their quiff into a mohican. Clothing is usually adorned with patches inspired by old-fashioned horror movies and artwork work impressed by the famous Ed “Large Daddy” Roth. This fashion also bleeds into the Cow Punk scene, nevertheless they incorporate cowboy boots and western fashion shirts and jeans.

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