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Yogurt Machine Quiet Stunning Woman Lovely New Dwelling Expertise

. FAO and the World Well being Organization definition of yogurt is: fresh milk as uncooked materials, and access to pure tradition of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus as starter cultures, and holding a certain time, and produces lactic acid coagulation of casein Ershi The product, known as yogurt.

Women's Desgin Midnight Sailing Short Sleeve Tee ShirtYogurt nutrition (weight: 100 grams) Heat (kJ) 251; protein (g) three.2; fat (g) three.Four; carbohydrate (g) four.1; vitamin A (mg) 18; vitamin E (mg) zero.12; Vitamin C (mg) 1; Cholesterol (mg) 137; Potassium (mg) a hundred and fifty; Calcium (mg) 118; phosphorus (mg) 85; Sodium (mg) 39.Eight; Magnesium (mg) 12; Zinc (mg) zero.Fifty three; iron (mg) zero.Four; copper ( mg) 0.03.

N love yogurt motive: 1. Stop aging 1908 Nobel Prize winners Qinikefu afternoon, in the longevity of Bulgarians reasons discover themselves in everyday life commonly consumed yogurt. It’s because lactic acid bacteria in yogurt spoilage by inhibiting the expansion of t shirt printing online uae the intestine, thus inhibiting the production of toxins; the same time, it could possibly synthesize vitamin C, anti-aging.

2. Most cancers prevention yogurt incorporates lactic acid bacteria can produce lactic acid and other metabolites, to maintain a slightly acidic intestinal setting, thereby inhibiting certain pathogens, lowering colorectal cancer incidence. Long-time period consumption can improve the physique’s anti-cancer immunity.

3. Regulate gastrointestinal yogurt may inhibit the reproduction of intestinal micro organism of corruption, to forestall and hinder the absorption of dangerous micro organism decompose the body of toxins, really easy to regulate the intestine and improve the physique resistance to illness. Meanwhile, the yogurt can stimulate gastric acid secretion, improve appetite, improve the function of the digestion, promote physique’s metabolism.

4. Softens pores and skin and yogurt are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin E and -carotene, can prevent the cells of the physique of unsaturated fatty acid oxidation and decomposition, to take care of the integrity of epithelial cells, help protect the skin, forestall keratinization and drying.

5. Detoxifies the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt components, often called “intestinal cleansing agent” status. It may well alter the intestine microflora, laxative, assist promote the body’s conversion of certain toxic substances and excretion, reduce acne Acne is a small stimulation of youth, and is likely to make it good retreat.

6. Pigmentation yogurt contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, sodium and different inorganic parts, can enhance the blood’s pH, cut back skin pigment deposition, can chloasma, freckles and different spots, “invisible” so that delicate pores and skin seems shiny.

Residence right this moment HC grid modifying offer you several good manufacturers of yogurt machine out of your yard or store did not make up their mind which model to purchase look at it on rapidly!

Advisable retailers: Gore Electric Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Metropolis
Trading via Index: 219 Price: Negotiable MOQ: Open Total supply: open
Delivery interval: 10 days of delivery
Launch Date: 2007-12-24 Type GO-1801 Concerned concerning the diploma:
Description Product Name: yogurt machine; voltage: 220V; frequency: 50Hz; energy: 24W; Origin: Zhongshan; 1) the well being of European whirlwind; fashionable; nice; the proper combination of tradition and vogue; exquisite appearance design; simple trend, the manufacturing process; to satisfy individual needs. 2) Computerized microcomputer management. Imported components, using PTC ceramic heating ingredient, precision temperature control. High-temperature shutdown safety, safer, and extra at ease. Three) Automatic Yogurt Maker adoption of latest technologies, “set temperature fermentation” is using high-high quality production of lactic acid micro organism added to milk yogurt, whole course of takes four steps, straightforward self-completion. This technique is manufactured from yogurt quality and stability, activity, variety of viable cells and extra energy too excessive. Exact temperature control at forty three degrees may also help milk fermented with lactic acid bacteria, closed to keep up constant temperature (43 levels) to preserve placed about 5-eight hours, the milk may be condensed right into a sponge pudding yogurt easy and detailed. The traditional process of constructing yogurt sophisticated and time-consuming. 5) do not add any preservatives, thickeners, style, well being, based on state laws the usual worth of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt. 6) Non-sterilized, extraordinarily power-saving, straightforward to clean.

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