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Letters To A Miscreant Decade … Or Two

Disclaimer: I had a series of random thoughts, and then I had the oh so good (<–sarcasm) concept to write them down. This endeavor ended up fairly a bit longer than I intended… apparently I’m easily amused.


Men's Desgin Cool Retro Flowers Peace Sign Short Sleeve T ShirtsDeniability Claim: I don’t admit to the existence of any photos of me in any of the next post describing style faux pas. I will deny any accusation to the contrary. There may be not any bodily evidence. By no means was, I mean. There by no means was any proof. By no means occurred. Particularly not #5…

I will, nevertheless, admit that I’m an entire idiotic geek with too much time on my arms.

Impetus: Over the previous week or so I’ve been digging by means of 1000’s of outdated pictures to help with a mission for my daughter, Riley, that requires pictures of her parental units as kids. This mission, presumably, is to show her that we, her elderly dad and mom, were as soon as youngsters too (onerous as which may be to imagine).

Nonetheless, I think the true lesson she realized was that the 1980s and early 90s was a terrifying time that she’s completely happy to pretend never occurred… form of like Clear Pepsi :).

Whereas sifting I came to a number of realizations about my early life on this time interval. Primarily based on these discoveries, I felt the need to share my epiphanies (one other stroke of brilliance)…

My Conclusions –
And cases in point…

1)Observe to Self – Some childhood pictures had been taken with the only goal of future blackmail. Full scale search and destroy operation must be commenced at your earliest potential convenience to avoid extortion.

In reference to each of the above pictures….Not a clue. I’m weird.

There’s me as the Flash… I didn’t use my powers to run to the Grand Canyon to curse my roommate, however (Huge Bang Concept reference). I used my powers just for good. Like beating up Shredder, BeBop, and Rocksteady. Also working around the planet so fast that I turned again time… to keep away from going to bed in fact. (Dressed because the Flash I evidently additionally certified as Superman and a Ninja Turtle)

Fishing in the rest room with a homemade pole I made using a stick, string and a paperclip. Thank the gods of plumbing I didn’t catch something. (Man, check out that wallpaper… no wonder I have bad imaginative and prescient)

2)Pricey 1980s – No female actually desires to seem like she has Hulk shoulders. Please stop the infestation of shoulder pads in 80s style shirts.

That is the only acceptable form of shoulder pads. Mommy and me:)

I felt like I ought to make not less than one positive assertion sooo…

Three)Pricey 1985 – Thank you for the Nintendo. Your 8 bit graphics universe was the supply of numerous hours of frustration and leisure, as well as spawning the genesis of a long run love affair of gaming that led to many (MANY) early morning cramming classes later in life. Additionally, I hold Nintendo personally chargeable for early onset carpal tunnel syndrome… effectively, AOL Instant Messenger had a hand (and a wrist) in that analysis as properly (pun supposed). Effectively performed, ‘eighty five, well played. (yet another bad pun, additionally meant).

PS – I’m loving the XBOX ONE, but now I’m pissed they’re apparently shutting down the XBOX on-line system that helps the 360 sometime in the following 12 months. Additionally I nonetheless have my NES, SNES, Sega (plus the brief lived Sega CD add on), N64, Gamecube, Playstation I and II, authentic XBOX plus Kinect, and a Wii. This would not even embody the 3 laptops, 1 netbook, 1 Pc, three networked cell phones, and 1 pill in the home.

Be aware – These are footage of my daughter taking part in my original Nintendo and SuperNintendo – they barely work… unless you blow on them in fact.

Her – It retro 5 poison green shirts isn’t working!
Me – Blow on it!
Her – Why?
Me – Simply belief me it helps.
Her – You are weird.

Her – Bounce. Bounce!!
Me – Honey,you do not have to leap too… I’ve tried that it doesn’t help:)

Her – This recreation’s laborious!
Me – Yes, this is what gaming was like in prehistoric instances.
Her – Like when there have been dinosaurs?
Me – Yeah, but dinosaurs suck at MarioKart.

4) Expensive 1989 – Crimped hair and colorful flimsy plastic headbands are a horrible concept for a 9 12 months previous. Well, a minimum of they have been for me…

That is the aftermath of one among my dad’s girlfriends crimping after which teasing my hair. I’m trying very arduous to look grown up in this picture – I assumed everyone was going to suppose I was 25 with this hairstyle. Yeah….

The plastic headband… oh so useful and breaks each 3.2 minutes. This was my birthday I think. No idea why the magnetic gyro wheel was in my mouth. Perhaps I used to be trying to magnetize my tonsils.

5) Pricey 1994 – In reference to item #1 – the mixture of hyper colour pink hammer pants, a camouflage t-shirt, a braves cap and a pair of purple, black and white LA Lights with the bizarre twisty leather-based strip air vent wanting thingy on the aspect will never be a suitable trend statement. Particularly when this explicit wardrobe malfunction happens together with the 9 month period in 5th grade once i wore the goofiest pair of glasses EVER. I mean severely ’94. Sheesh, that was simply merciless.

PS – Thank you dad of 1994 for letting me get contacts earlier than 6th grade. I can solely assume you, too, realized that I was going to get made enjoyable of in middle college with this look and tried to assist me out (I was anyway, but thanks for making an attempt).

This is me in my hipster glasses. Damn I am cool.

I couldn’t fairly carry myself to share the picture with the hammer pants. This guy is one thing I made for no obvious purpose when I used to be ten. Those are my clothes. Ones that I really wore. Collectively. And that factor in dummy’s lap (for the younger generation) is my See n’ Say. The IPAD of the 80s:)

Limp Bizkit – Behind Blue Eyes

Skip to the 2:30 minute mark if you want to know (or remember) what the See n’Say sounded like. This tripped me out once i first heard it. It’s also an excellent remake of The Who’s unique. Additionally, at about 4:35 there is a hidden additional observe I like rather a lot.

6) Dear 1994 Again – You have got rather a lot to reply for, ‘ninety four. Anyhow, would you please let the producers of Associates know that there needs to be a disclaimer within the opening credits that reads as follows:
***Jennifer Anniston’s haircut works for HER. Please do not do this at dwelling. Emulation needs to be attempted at your personal danger, for results could range drastically. We at NBC are usually not liable for any emotional, psychological or physical trauma for inadequate outcomes.***

MY version of the Jennifer Anniston haircut… appears identical to her proper?? (Ahem… I feel my nostril just bought a little bit longer…)

7) Expensive circa mid 90s – What happened to the mushy drink Clearly Canadian? That stuff was the $%*@. Come on Canada fess up… you took them off the market so you possibly can create a secret cache up there within the tundra someplace in anticipation of the the zombie apocalypse, didn’t you?

SEE?? They used to exist I’ve proof!! I used to love those things… I’d walk 5 blocks from my house to the gasoline station to get a Black Cherry Clearly Canadian and candy cigarettes (now known because the way more politically right “candy sticks”) once every week with my allowance. “Clearly” Canada has been hoarding them (I like puns).

8) Expensive Future Riley – By the point you’re a teenager you will doubtlessly now not be beneath the delusion that nobody begins courting till the age of 30. Just remember, I have an uncountable variety of doubtlessly extortion worthy footage of you, including redundant digital again ups. Aren’t you glad you’re a toddler of the age of rapidly advancing expertise, near instantaneous sharing, viral social media outlets, and memes? Please be house by curfew.

This one is definitely not THAT embarrassing … I have to avoid wasting my huge guns for future blackmail:) (Kidding!)

As long as I’m addressing the previous I might prefer to throw yet another factor out there…

9) Pricey 1994 – We actually need to stop having this conversation ’94. However as long as we’re at it… because of your prior transgressions in opposition to my childhood self, would you thoughts doing me a favor? Would you not so subtly suggest to Justin Bieber’s parents that birth control is a really good idea? You may thank me later. Belief me.

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