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Lack Of Leadership Plagues Political Parties

Here’s a query for you: if the management in our political parties has failed, how can we ever have leadership in Washington?

As I’ve earlier written, the handling of Florida and Michigan during the first season has raised serious leadership points by candidates, social gathering leaders in Washington, and party leaders on the state stage. Much of it boils down to two key leadership issues – determination making and consistency.

Here are the particular areas where management is lacking.

“Each vote counts”. In the course of the 2000 nationwide election the problem of “dangling chads” prompted each parties to take a position that each vote ought to be counted. Though each party had a special idea of find out how to count the votes the Democrat National Committee, faced with a possible vote shortfall, spoke the loudest proclaiming voters couldn’t be disenfranchised. Right this moment the DNC is talking the loudest in proclaiming, albeit using completely different words, that votes in Florida and Michigan should not be counted. The RNC is still saying every vote ought to count, however votes in Florida and Michigan ought to only half-depend. Inconsistent!

“It’s not the voter’s fault”. Every election precincts all through the nation have votes challenged or make a case to have polls stay open longer because of errors in supplying voting places with enough ballots. The vast majority of those issues are in precincts the printed t shirts 5xl place democrats make up the overwhelming majority of the voters and in addition the administration of the polling sites. Their causes are typically sound – voters shouldn’t be penalized because of the individuals running the election. Yet this is exactly what is occurring in these two states. Politicians in Tallahassee and Lansing could have made the choices but it’s the people which can be being disenfranchised. What occurred to the parties’ commitment to the people that took their time to go to the polls and cast a ballot? Again, inconsistent.

“One particular person, one vote”. The United States was founded on the principle of one vote per particular person. But historical past has proven this commitment has wanted to be clarified. Blacks and ladies both needed to battle for recognition as a full folks. Are the political events now backing off that elementary principle? Inconsistent!

“Rules are rules”. Lame, lame, lame. Sure, guidelines were made. But that doesn’t make them right. On a regular basis corporations change rules because they are not good for staff, prospects, or suppliers. When rules are improper, they should be modified or overruled. The rule was that candidates not campaign in states that moved their primaries earlier on the schedule. None of the candidates did. Within the Republican Social gathering following the foundations does not have the affect because a candidate was clearly chosen. In the Democrat Occasion it is very cloudy – significantly as a result of Obama took his title off the ballot. That was not required by the rules, as is evidenced by his determination to depart his identify on the Florida ballot. Critics can say he knew he would not win, so taking his title off the ballot was a strategic transfer to create complications later – which it has. With his name off the ballot two strikes had been created. First, a drive for voting uncommitted to show the state was not a hundred% behind Clinton. The second was to encourage Democrats to vote in the open Republican main pushing in an attempt to sway that election towards McCain. Certainly McCain polled better than anticipated. Not going with a printed t shirts 5xl full ballot was a poor decision!
Each political parties must reconsider their positions to find a position demonstrating leadership. It’s not as much of an issue within the decided Republican race because it has no impression on the end result. Nevertheless they’re setting priority for years to come that could create the identical detrimental impression now being confronted by the Democrats.

At the identical time the Democrats, who claim to have creative new solutions to the nation’s problems, have an opportunity to indicate management with an answer to the disenfranchisement of millions of voters.

Options are readily available. Re-voting paid for by already recognized donors or counting the votes in full as they stand are simply two such options. After all, in the tradition of politics as common, completely different camps are extra eager about lobbying for solutions that give them the advantage with out consideration for what is correct.

Large companies face these “pillars of energy” choices on a regular basis. The nice corporations discover frequent floor. The dangerous corporations go bankrupt. But the good firms discover a technique to do what is true with out consideration of the pillars or compromise – they find workable options!

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