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Prime 5 Triathlon Tools Do’s And Don’ts

Prime 5 Triathlon Tools Do’s And Don’ts Posted on October 10, 2017Leave a comment

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Greater than most sports activities, triathlon is an endeavor by which even one of the best training plan and cardiovascular fitness can be sabotaged by improper or improper use of triathlon equipment. But with these 5 triathlon equipment do’s and don’ts, you may be immediately geared up to make the best choices with regards to triathlon gear.

Triathlon Tools Do not: Do not Use An enormous, Long Straw In your Aero Bottle. Did you know that the velocity-enhancing effects of that sweet, carbon aero wheel into which you sunk $500-a thousand are just about completely negated by the massive, lengthy sturdy sticking up out of that aero bottle that’s mounted on the entrance of your bike? Here is the answer: go to a hardware retailer or aquarium and get a flexible straw that can really curl up inside your bottle. You’ll actually save dozens of seconds over a 40K time trial. On the academy, we recently shot a video that reveals methods to change your straw.

Triathlon Gear Do not: Don’t Mount Too Many Bottle Holders. In a supervised triathlon (which most are) you only need sufficient water to get you from one assist station to the subsequent, which is often 5 to fifteen miles. So why are you weighing down your bike with three to six further water bottles, and all the weight and aerodynamic disadvantages that comes together with them? The perfect solution is a single, aerobar mounted water bottle, together with a down tube bottle *if* you want it.

Triathlon Equipment Do: Do Put on Sunglasses With no Body On Top. When you employ sunglasses that have a frame alongside the top, you must crane your neck just a bit further to see above the body – which slightly alters your aerodynamic place and head/neck comfort. As you choose your triathlon tools, attempt to choose sunglasses which are frameless alongside the highest. To see the difference between sunglasses with a frame alongside the highest, and sunglasses that do not have a frame alongside the highest, see the video we recently launched at the academy, wherein I show you the difference between two various kinds of sunglasses from Zeal Optics.

Triathlon Gear Do: Do Pull Your Wetsuit Sleeves and Legs Up. Wetsuits weren’t meant to fit like your favourite sweater or pair of pants – pulled all the way down to your wrists Pin Up T Shirt or ankles. As an alternative, the wetsuit should be worn only a few inches above the wrist and ankles, which frees up additional materials for respiration and shoulder flexibility. To see Rock Star Triathlete Academy coach Kerry Sullivan demonstrate the correct wetsuit entry technique, you may need to see the video we simply launched at the academy.

Triathlon Tools Don’t: Do not Pin Your Race Number To Your Prime. One of the body’s major areas of cooling is across the chest and stomach. So by pinning your race belt to your shirt or triathlon jersey, you’re putting an enormous piece of non-respiratory paper over your body’s main cooling radiator. As an alternative, get a race belt and wear it around your waist, with your number attached to your race belt. Race belts value very little to free, and are one sensible and essential piece of triathlon tools.

While it’s unlucky that many individuals sabotage triathlon success with simple triathlon tools mistakes, it is fortunate that these mistakes are easily avoidable with only a few triathlon tools tweaks. For more ideas similar to this, along with free movies from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy (comparable to the ones in this article!) visit

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