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Guinea Pig Sounds And What They Mean

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Guinea Pig Sounds and What they Imply
Updated on December 29, 2016 Iontach moreContact Author Communication between animals is just as vital as communication is from individual to individual and though their technique of communication is kind of completely different from ours, it is still for similar reasons.

Men's Print City Grid Short Sleeve Tee ShirtOne little animal we’re acquainted with is the beloved guinea pig and everyone knows these little critters make quite a lot of noises and sounds, from excessive pitched squeaks to low pitched grunting noises, but we might as ourselves, what do these Guinea pig sounds mean?

Well although not an enormous sum of money has been invested into scientific evaluation into these guinea pig sounds, most guinea pig house owners will agree on the identical or comparable meanings of these sounds and typically the guinea pig actions following these sounds simply emphasises their meanings.

Beneath I will focus on a few guinea pig sounds and what they imply.

The Rumble sound occurs when a male guinea pig is courting and romancing around a feminine guinea pig. The Rumble seems like a very deep purr, nearly vibrating and is steady. The male guinea pig will transfer his body, especially hips region, from aspect to facet whereas doing this rumble sound.

Now although this action appears fairly cute, if you do not need your male guinea pig to get busy with your female pig, then you’ll have to separate them.

If your female monster energy t shirt design guinea accepts his provide and is in heat she’s going to let him do his business and will inevitably grow to be pregnant.

If she doesn’t settle for this ‘mating dance’, then issues can get ugly and the primary action she is going to make is the ‘Teeth Chattering’ sound/motion that’s talked about under.

Kaytee Igloo Hideout, Giant Buy Now Teeth Chattering
This sound/action will happen as mentioned above, when a female guinea pig does not settle for the male guinea pig’s mating call, but it can also occur if two mature male boars are placed in the same vicinity or cage or extra typically if one guinea pig dislikes one other.

When teeth chattering occurs you will hear a distinct sound of teeth banging off each other quickly plus you will be capable of observe the guinea pigs mouth transferring.

Guinea pigs must be separated for a brief time frame or indefinitely if this teeth chattering occurs as things will get very ugly soon.

Excessive Pitched Repeated Squeal
This squeal is a very common and recognizable guinea pig sound and may imply your guinea pig is Uncomfortable, Nervous, Hungry or Lonely.

Because the title suggests the sound is excessive pitched and repeated, sounds acquainted to a pig’s squeal and normally happens once you choose up your guinea pig, when your guinea pig gets a fright from some sort of stimuli similar to a loud noise and in addition when your pig is hungry.

I’ve also observed that this guinea pig noise happens at first once you separate child guinea pigs from their mother during weaning. I remember the younger pigs always made this noise when placed into their new cage throughout weaning and though this was a very uncomfortable and sad scene to look at, it had to be finished.

Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by MidWest, 47L x 24W x 14H Inches Purchase Now Guinea Pig Purring
Guinea pig purring can sound very alike the guinea pig rumble, however is in the next pitch plus there isn’t any swaying of the physique. Your pigs will purr when they’re generally happy, snug or when they’re enjoying you petting and pampering them.

Guinea Pig Muttering to themselves
This muttering sound you’ll hear constantly as your guinea pig is in its cage wandering round. This guinea pig sound seems to be guinea pigs talking to themselves or talking their ideas and they generally do it when they are relaxed and glad of their surroundings, or simply when they’re consuming their yummy guinea pig meals.

I’ve additionally noticed guinea pigs making this sound while they’re in the corporate of other guinea pigs, maybe they’re having conversations amongst themselves.

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sendingHavana 5 years in the past

thanks for that because my guinea pig ha had four children and their dad is at monster energy t shirt design all times that romancing sound however the mum all the time says no as a result of the dad has bought the mum guinea pig pregnant twice and the second time he obtained her pregnant was the same night time the mum had the primary set of guinea pigs.

Anyway that was really helpful about what guinea pigs are saying as a result of now know what they’re saying

mythbuster 5 years in the past from Utopia, Oz, You Determine

That is a very neat hub and I’m glad you offered some hyperlinks to audio files so I could hear the sounds you described. One problem… my CAT significantly makes the sound like when i listened to the “Completely happy” link… In truth, my cat was off within the living room or something and after i performed that audio, he got here bounding over to my laptop room lol Completely satisfied Pig met Blissful Cat I suppose haha. Thanks for sharing!

iguidenetwork 5 years ago from Austin, TX

That’s cute! I want to see a guinea pig muttering to itself and speaking its ideas. Hehehehe.

idigwebsites 5 years in the past from United States

I had guinea pig pets before (and they had babies on their own, born straight from our cages) but I didn’t hear them purring… perhaps it’s reserved for his or her kind that humans didn’t discover, I assume. Very informative hub 🙂

MAGICFIVE 5 years ago from New York

Guinea pigs speaking their ideas…that is cute! I like that!

jennzie 5 years ago from Lower Bucks County, PA

Thanks for the data! And adorable guinea pig pictures- the first one is my favorite!

C C Chillingworth 5 years in the past from West Palm Beach, Florida

Great hub and actually wonderful hyperlinks with the sounds. I all the time have trouble discovering good recordings of sounds to show people so I can clarify how I know if my pigs are joyful or hungry.

Akarime31 5 years in the past from Las Vegas, NV

Hello Iontach I love your hub! I have a really adorable guinea pig myself and he rumbles once i pet him, he also does the side dance factor as effectively however I think he does it because he knows I’m his momma! When my boyfriend and that i argue typically, my guinea pig begins shattering his teeth in disapproval. We each think it’s so humorous that we really stop arguing.

Haley 5 years ago

I’ve 2 Guinea Pigs named Blaze and Princess i always marvel what there saying once they make their noises and that i just guess by spoiling them loads however now i now what they are saying to me thanks to you! 🙂

AuthorIontach 5 years ago

Hello Sabrina,

Aww blueberry is a pleasant name. lol. Was she resting her entrance paws on something and looking upwards? Mine do this while squealing when they’re hungry.

sabrina 5 years ago

My guinea pigs name is blueberry. ( cuz she’s formed like one) and she was squealing. For an hr straight an as quickly as I read dis I figured out she was juz hungry:/ I used to be mad at my self thank god for ur hub:) very helpful:) she fell asleep after she ate 🙂

angemac23 6 years in the past from Canada

Ah…that is so cute!

Ello ello Naomi! Thanks for the compliment.

Ye mine love their carrots too, however they are even more obsessed with their pink and inexperienced peppers! I feel they’ve a lill Mexican in them. lol

Naomi’s Banner 6 years in the past from United States

Nice adorable Hub! I used to raise guinea’s myself and what fun it was. I remember all those squeals and sounds. Mine loved carrots and I believe all of them do and if she did not get a carrot a day she would let me know in no uncertain terms…

Hello Lambservant! Thanks for the remark 🙂

Awwww that sounds adorable! They love to eat. Generally additionally they squeal once they miss you or one other guinea pig. Particularly child ones.

p.s. Jose seems like an adorable identify for a guinea pig, I think I’m going to steal it for the subsequent guinea pig we get!

Lori Colbo 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest

When I was a child our household had a guineu pig named Jose. Every morning at the exact same time, he would do his squeal till someone received out of mattress to feed him. We beloved him loads. Nice Hub.

Hay Blairtracy! Thanks on your remark:)

Properly now you’ll know what they’re saying the following time you’re round one…lol

blairtracy 6 years in the past from Canada

Haha sure! This is definitely one thing I have wondered every time I got here in contact with a guinea pig.

@Invitationwrite, I do know, they are so cute 🙂

@funmontrealgirl, Thanks for score my hub! 🙂

funmontrealgirl 6 years ago from Montreal

I had one as a child. I did not know any of this. Nevertheless it makes sense. Cute. Gave you a helpful and attention-grabbing. 🙂

invitationwrite 6 years ago

So cute!

Hay Aimee! Aww thanks for the candy compliment 🙂 Glad it made your morning.

Aimee Cherie 6 years in the past from Philippines

Guinea pigs are one of many cutest on this planet! love this hub, really humorous, this actually made my morning.

Hay Joekreydt! Thanks to your comment! Yes they are very cute certainly 🙂

joekreydt 6 years ago

this is implausible. and the images are adorable.

Thanks Ramzeed! You should get one, they’re adorable and straightforward to keep. 🙂

Ramzeed 6 years ago from Maryland

Very good article. Makes me need one ahaha.

Thanks LittlePayday,

Maybe If I keep listening I’ll decipher more of their language. haha

Awwww cheers Gitrdun4444!

I’m glad you suppose i am proper on all accounts! 🙂 Lastly someones agrees with me. haha.

What an unusual title by the way in which, and it isn’t everyday I see someone with a monkey within the pic with them. lol.

gitrdun4444 6 years ago from North Carolina

I simply love this hub. You’re so proper on all accounts. They are adorable, funny and loving little critters. I’ve labored with animals for years now, and Pigs are actually entertaining. It would be nice if they did not shed so unhealthy though. Thanks, I actually loved your hub.

Thanks for the comments Puppyluv, AliciaC and Emily! Yes they are so cute! I’ve 5 of them here, 2 girls and 3 boys. I must put pics of them up as well!

Emily40 6 years ago

Thanks for the data.. They’re too cute!

Linda Crampton 6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

Thanks for a very fascinating hub. I liked being in a position to hear the sounds that you simply described, and the guinea pigs within the photos are adorable. I’ve taken care of guinea pigs for a short time but have never owned any. They’re certainly lovely animals.

Serena Zehlius 6 years ago from Hanover, PA

So cute! Very useful data for guinea pig owners as well. Women’s Print Mountain Lake Short Sleeve T Shirts 🙂

AuthorIontach 6 years in the past

Thanks to your sort feedback guys! 🙂



Emma 6 years in the past from Houston TX

Interesting article that is nicely organized and offered,thanks for sharing.

Eric Prado 6 years in the past from Webster, Texas


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