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Methods to Tailor A Button-Down Shirt For A Lady

Methods to Tailor A Button-Down Shirt For A Lady Posted on October 10, 2017Leave a comment

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Men’s button down shirts can simply be remodeled into shirts tailor-made to suit a girl’s body. This not solely can save you lots of of dollars each year, however shirts which will have been overlooked as a result of their shape and size will be reworked into feminine blouses which might be perfect to put on to work or a celebration. With a little bit endurance, those thrift store finds will be become fitted button down shirts that match perfectly the contours of your body.

Narrowing The Shoulders
Step 1
Put the shirt on. Along with your tailor’s chalk, in a contrasting colour to your shirt, mark the top of your shoulder. This can be the place your new shoulder seam will begin.

Step 2
Following the line of the original armhole seam, draw a curved line from your new shoulder seam to underneath the armpit of your shirt.

Step three
Fold your shirt in half at the middle and lower along the curved line you just created, so that you are reducing both sleeves at the same time.

Step four
Flip the shirt and sleeves inside out and pin the sleeves again onto the shirt, leaving one half inch seam allowance. There will be a small hole at the armpit of the shirt because of the difference in dimension between holes of the sleeve and bodice. This will be corrected later. Try to maintain the outlet as small as potential.

Step 5
Right sides together, sew your new armhole seam utilizing a straight stitch, leaving one half inch seam allowance.

Removing Pockets and Adding Darts
Step 1
So as to add shape to your shirt, you have to so as to add darts. Take away pockets by using the seam ripper to unpick stitches. Flip the shirt inside out and put it on.

Step 2
With your chalk, mark a diagonal line extending from underneath the bust towards the aspect of the shirt. The very best part of the line should begin under the bust, sloping at roughly a 45 diploma angle.

Step three
Take away the shirt. Utilizing a ruler, clean up the dart line you’ve got created, ensuring the road extends all of the way to the aspect seam of the shirt.

Step four
Fold shirt in half so that the chalk marks switch onto the other facet of the shirt. Once more, utilizing ruler and chalk, clear up the line and mark it clearly.

Step 5
Pin the darts. Using a straight stitch, sew in place. The dart should roughly be 2cm at its widest.

Step 6
Minimize off excess materials from dart line with pinking shears. Press the seams open.

Narrowing The Bodice And Sleeves
Step 1
Put the shirt on inside out. Mark where your new armpit should be, as well as your waistline.

Step 2
Remove the shirt. Draw a line with the chalk from the armpit to the cuff. This will probably be your new arm seam.

Step three
From the armpit, draw a barely curved line (coming in at the waist) to the hem of your shirt. This can be your new aspect seam. Repeat for both sides of the shirt.

Step 4
Using a straight stitch, sew along the chalk lines, forming your new arm and facet seams.

Step 5
Sew a zig zag stitch one half inch beside the straight stitch on the surface of the shirt to forestall fraying. Cut off excess material.

Step 6
The shirt is now ready to put on.

Things You’ll Want



Tailor’s chalk

Pinking shears



Seam ripper
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