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mens shirts with animals on them

mens shirts with animals on them Posted on September 10, 2015Leave a comment

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Kevin Sullivan Memorial Backyard Social gathering Custom Ink Fundraising

We’re placing a memorial garden in our yard, and we’d love you to join us in initiating it as a space to recollect Kevin. The celebration will likely be July 11, 2015. The garden can have a water function, a fire pit, and all kinds of lovely flowers and bushes that remind us of him. It’s going to be an area where we will sit, replicate, and be at peace with Kevin. Please be happy to whatever you wish to the social gathering, however these shirts are a method mens shirts with animals on them of protecting Kevin even nearer to your heart that day <3 The front has Kevin's name with angel wings, and the back says "SULLIVAN" with his Comcast tech number. All proceeds will be going to the Kevin D. Sullivan scholarship fund.

Men's Custom Fashionable Giraffe Short Sleeve T-ShirtKevin Sullivan will always be loved and remembered in this house hold, and by all of those whose lives he has touched. He has contributed so much to our lives and the world, and now we’d like to have a tribute to Kevin. The memorial garden will have blue hydrangea’s, since Kevin’s favorite color is blue, and we have always had a hydrangea bush in front of our house. There will also be butterfly bushes, since the butterfly is the symbol of organ donation. There will be a water feature to sit and reflect, and a fire pit to gather around. Kevin always had so much warmth, so his memorial garden will too. We will have polished rocks, where people can write messages to Kevin and they will be a part of the garden. There will be a sun dial, since Kevin loved the universe so much, and mens shirts with animals on them now he is a part of it. The memorial garden will have many wonderful things, one of them being this party where we all come together and initiate the space with so much love for Kevin.

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