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Make A Gypsy Skirt

Make A Gypsy Skirt Posted on October 10, 2017Leave a comment

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Make a Gypsy Skirt
Up to date on June 27, 2017 Fayme Zelena Harper moreGreetings! I’m an artist mostly however I like to write every now and then. I used to spend numerous time on Hubpages, but now my life is full.

Contact Author My favorite gypsy skirt.
Free Step-by-step instructions
Many costumes name for a gypsy skirt. It is great for belly dancing, peasants, gypsy costumes, prairie appears, romantic skirts, people dancing, pirating, and witchy put on.

You can use earth tones, darkish blues, and forest greens for Renaissance faires. Gothic belly dancing (raks Gothique) has primary black as a given, however it’s also possible to go with deep purple or burgundy (blood crimson).

This is learn how to make your own pattern.

Get a tape measure. It helps to have a friend measure you.

Determine if your skirt is going to take a seat at your waist or your hips. This sample is for a skirt that sits at your waist. Decide how many tiers you need. This pattern has 4 tiers and is ankle length.

Determine if you want it floor length or just long sufficient to cowl the tops of your gypsy boots or pirate boots.

Measure your waist. Then add 2″ price of overlap. That is for fastening and ‘ease’. So in case your waist is 22″, your strip of fabric can be 24″ long.

Ease is extra fabric added in to make a garment extra comfy.

Then, determine if you’re going to use a drawstring, or elastic, or hooks and eyes or a zipper.

Since I wear mine at Renaissance faires, I at all times go with drawstrings. That way if I lose or acquire weight, it is going to be adjustable. Gypsy skirts are heavy, and in case you are on the skinny side, 1″ elastic will hold it up. If you’re effectively endowed all that additional fabric may make the skirt too heavy for elastic to hold it up. If you find the elastic not working, you possibly can exchange it with a drawstring instead.

Minimize a strip of fabric for the waistband twice as vast as you want the waistband to be, plus 1 1/4″ for seams. Say your waist is 22″. You’ll minimize a strip 24″ lengthy (22″ + 2″ of ease, and three 1/4″ wide).

Minimize a bit of iron-on interfacing half that width and barely shorter. Following directions on interfacing, iron on to 1 half of the waistband. Fold the waistband in half lengthwise with right sides collectively and press to mark the middle seam. Iron every lengthy facet mistaken facet to wrong facet 5/eight” alongside the length of the waistband. Now, with right sides collectively, fold waistband in half again, sew 5/eight seam along every end being cautious not to unfold crease. That way once you flip the waistband right side out, the ends are completed.

Now, figure out how wide you need each tier. You can also make your gypsy skirt with 3, 4 or 5 tiers. It is not uncommon the top tier to be probably the most slender, and have each tier get wider as you go down, however that’s up to you.

Each tier is an extended rectangle. The first tier is 3x the waist length. The 2nd tier is 3 1/2 times. The third tier is 4x’s. If you’d like a lot of tiers make each tier a foot longer.

Women's Desgin  Dark Angel Short Sleeve T-Shirt

If you want to, you can also make the sample with pattern paper or brown kraft paper on a roll. Or simply work out the size of every tier and reduce the rectangles w/o a pattern.

Because the tiers get bigger, your fabric will not be lengthy sufficient. So piece them collectively taking care to match stripes if needed.

If you cannot remember how to collect fabric, verify your sewing machine guide or a fundamental sewing guide.

Choose up your first tier. With the quick edges proper aspect together, stitch a 5/eight”seam 1/three of the way across. The remaining will be left open so you will get into the skirt. Press seam open. Baste and collect the top tier to fit the length of the waistband with right sides collectively, leaving 1″ of each end of waistband free to turn.

Utilizing the identical technique, add each tier. Remember, you gather solely the top of each tier and sew it to the tier above it.

When all the tiers are added, hem the bottom with a shirt tail hem. (In other words, fold over twice 1/4″ each time and stitch by machine).

If you’re going so as to add ribbon trim, sew it to tiers before joining the skirt collectively.

Now go back as much as the waistband. Fold it in half so the surface is dealing with out. Re-iron it to lay flat. Then hand stitch the inner edge to cover all the raw edges of the first tier. If you are going to use hooks and eyes, add them now. In case you are utilizing a drawstring, use a seam ripper to fastidiously open the seams on every finish just enough for the drawstring to undergo for tying. Make the drawstring no less than 20″ longer than your waist so you’ve gotten room to tie a bow. Utilizing a sturdy woven trim for the drawstring is far quirker than attempting to make a drawstring.

Remember, a really full skirt will go straight out if you swirl. So don’t forget to wear harem pants and /or dance trunks beneath it.

Gypsy Skirt Sketch
Tips for learners
1. Stick to a hundred% cotton or a 50/50 poly cotton mix for your first skirt. On a funds? Attempt dyeing outdated sheets in a vat of strong tea. Use as an alternative of fabric.

2. Iron each seam. Otherwise things just will not match collectively proper.

Three. By no means sew over a straight pin. Take away them before they get to the presser foot.

Four. If you are actually stuck email me and I’ll see if I can allow you to.

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sendingBirdy 2 years ago

About how lengthy does this take?

BrightMarigold 2 years ago

If using a gathering foot would the measurements nonetheless be the identical or would I’ve to determine how much my foot gathers and determine the quantities that way?

streetsmartzz four years ago

Thanks for this Nice tute..I just made a “follow one” as soon as I do the true thing I will probably be pleased to publish an image

MissMersey 5 years in the past

Totally loved all of your instructions. Very very simple to follow. Like having a pal face to face as we ‘discuss’ sewing.

Need to go thro’ my stash for fabric. Fun instances forward

Danielle Lopez Newcomb 5 years in the past from Arkansas

That is such a cute thought. My husband and I like going to Renaissance Faires. I am going to should make this for our next trip. 🙂

By all means begin at the top and work your method down. That way you possibly can try it on every time you do a tier. Fabric varies. Thin fabric would require a lot more yardage than a thicker fabric. I am sorry you have had so many frustrations. As you’re basting every layer, try it on and ensure it fits. Then make adjustments before you do the ultimate sewing with tiny stitches.

jody 5 years in the past

i made a 4 tier skirt and it’s made out of 15 yards of fabric .. I made it from scratch earlier than i even checked out your pattern (should have completed that first ) . I made it first after which it didn’t prove so i needed to take it apart and start throughout . nicely it seemed like every time i turned round i was adding extra and more and more fabric to get it to loo and do what i wished ..finally obtained it finished and i think i should do the top half over trigger it doesn’t feel comfy it seems like i’ve a string across my buttock everytime i am going to swish the skirt . so unsure what happened there .. after i made my skirt i started with 10 yards of fabric considering that that may do a 20 yard skirt (wow was that alot of gathereing ) so my backside tier was 20 yards and then my subsequent teir was 10 yards after which my subsequent two tiers have been 5 yards and then top tier was 2.5 yards properly it didn’t stop go around me for some motive i used to be missing like 2 yards of fabric . so i went and purchased 5 extra yards of fabric and made one other 2 yard panel to add to the skirt and it went around me but like i stated at first the top half would not really feel proper . Im considering that part of my problem was that i started from the bottom and worked my method up as a substitute of starting from the top and dealing my approach down . unsure however im gonna try your pattern out and see if it works better for me .. thanks for posting it ..

Hello Jade. First check out my article right here: A one piece skirt could possibly be a rectangle with one seam up the again and a 7″ zipper. It could most likely want a waistband or facings although, which might make it multiple piece. Until you made a sarong and wrapped it around your waist and fastened it by tying the ends together.

Jade 5 years in the past

I like this patern and must attempt it out someday. However the skirt I am seeking to make right now is only one piece, instead of tiers and that i wanted somewhat of a fitted waist to it. Do you have any recommendations on the way to go about this?

Don’t be scared. Just take it in child steps.

tryandfeelme 5 years ago

I just started going to an amazing sewing class and im going to decide on this skirt as my first venture there!! im excited and sooooooo scared

inez 5 years in the past

Hello Moonmaiden,

Thank you a lot for the clear data!

I’m going to begin my own skirt very soon now.

You are most likely going to hate this reply Rae, but so much depends upon how full you make it and how thick the fabric is.

Rae 5 years in the past

Whats up Maiden. I used to be questioning if, since I feel we might at the least be the same size for shirts (I am a few 50″ waist 5’eight” rough measure) You can inform me an estimate of how many yards of cloth you often use for an ankle length skirt? I’m positive will probably be a off some depending of course but just curious of a rough estimate. Thanks a bunch upfront

Hello Nemo. I made my skirt and not using a sample but I recommend this one: When you browse through the key sample books although, they normally have at least one tiered skirt sample. Yes, you may put on skirts over skirts or petticoats, or harem pants to give a fuller look.

Nemo 5 years ago

So I’m going to have themed b-day celebration and I’m shopping for a corset to put on over top of my skirt. Can you put a petticoat under these skirts to make it Tremendous big? And is there a pattern I can use to cut out the fabric? Thanks.

Susan 5 years in the past

Simply what I used to be searching for.. thanks for the great instructions.. I really like these tiered skirts.. There has received to be some gypsy blood somewhere in me!

Thanks Eranofu. I wish to knit and crochet as effectively.

Eranofu 5 years in the past from Europe

Gypsy cat 🙂

The skirts look marvelous, but I am extra knitter than seamstress. Great hub anyways. Hehe, love that cat tail. ^^

Sarah 5 years in the past

that is great !

AuthorFayme Zelena Harper 5 years in the past from Lucerne Valley, CA

Thanks princess. I simply discovered two more photographs of my daughters sporting the gypsy skirts I made them once they had been children, so I’m going to add them now.

princesswithapen 5 years ago


That is awesome! I wager a lot of people ask you “Hey the place did you purchase this from”

I am going to pass this hub to a friend who loves to make every little thing herself including skirts, stockings, sweaters and a lot more. She’s going to like it.

Great hub!


Ailuros 6 years ago

I am an apparel design main and have been in search of a pattern to make my very own gypsy skirt for stomach dance, as I only have one black skirt that I’m eventually going to wear holes in. Your instructions are so very clear, and it has the volume that I am on the lookout for! Thanks for posting this, now I can make my skirt with confidence and without worrying that I’ll wind up wasting a ton of fabric!

AuthorFayme Zelena Harper 6 years ago from Lucerne Valley, CA

Thanks Barb. Good tip. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a worth Village. But sure, you’ll be able to repurpose fabric from yard sales or upholstery end heaps. With so many yards in a skirt, it helps to look for low cost items.

Barb (Maya) 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing your data on making a gypsy skirt!!! So generous and form of you. I started belly dancing and Gypsy Roma several months ago and want to make my very own gypsy skirt. Yet another trace for readers is to shop at thrift stores like Value Village for fabric super cheap after which make it for method less than shopping for fabric from a fabric store. Your instructions are very easy to follow! Thanks so much.

LPogue 7 years in the past from Missouri

I make the same skirt, but I do not put the waist band on it. Great hub!

Cara Stein 7 years in the past from Huntsville, AL

That is so cool! Thank you for these very simple, clear directions. I’m new to hubpages, however this hub is the best I’ve read by far.

SilverGenes 7 years in the past

I like skirts like this and am bookmarking your hub. Thank you for the instructions. They’re so clear that I think I would simply be in a position to do that without a problem 🙂



Malorie 7 years in the past

Thanks so much for posting this!

My mates are ashamed that I’ve by no means been to a Renfaire in order that they’re staking me with them this year. I’m the theatrical type, so I would never hand over a chance to put on a costume! I used to be very excited about the choice to wear gypsy put on, and I’ve a number of buddies which are sewing experts. I’d just need to do that!

AuthorFayme Zelena Harper 7 years ago from Lucerne Valley, CA

Ramunt, what a superb query. That could be true if there wasn’t a slit in the top tier. You’ll be able to put a zipper there, however I just hook my waistband with a heavy responsibility hook and eye. Since I all the time wear harem pants or a slip under it anyway, no worries with individuals seeing by way of the gap.

TroyM 7 years in the past

Hey, these are nonetheless in model all over 🙂 COol!

Rachael 7 years ago

Please answer ramunt’s question – it’s mine too!

ramunt 7 years ago

Doesn’t the skirt have to fit over my hips? So doesn’t the waist band have to be no less than as massive as hips earlier than gathering (which is bigger waist + 2 inches).

Nell Rose 7 years ago from England

Hello, this is a great hub. I solely discovered you because I used to be trying to find some hyperlinks to my gypsy hub! now I must go and browse all of your different hubs, they look nice. My married identify is Loveridge, because I married a gypsy, and i didn’t think anybody else had any gypsy type hubs. thanks this was great. Nell

Mariane 7 years in the past

I loved it, perhaps I’ll attempt do sew one for me! Tks to tell easy methods to!

hillbillyhound 7 years in the past

hi. i am taking a sewing course because i need fundamental sewing expertise to discover ways to weave. in my sewing course i must sew a whole outfit for analysis. i wish to do a gypsy skirt for on a regular basis wear. does it movement out nicely while you spin? is it possible to make the tiers vertical? and can you recommend a prime to go together with it? i’m horrible at trend and want all the assistance i can get!! thank you so much for the free sample as cash is slightly tight right now 🙂

joyce 7 years ago

I simply made one out of a 5 yard vintage embroidered sari, it made a ten yard skirt, i used both sides of the sari edges 5 yeards each side as the hem then simply cut equal width sections and simply sewed them collectively, I selected a faux silk, sari. they go for about $10 on auctions with about $10 postage typically cheaper.

Violetskies 7 years ago

wow. I’ve been looking for this without end. Lastly I will make the skirt of my desires!!


– Mouschi

Joy At Dwelling eight years ago from United States

Gorgeous! I’ll do that sometime, simply as soon as I get a number of half-done projects completed…most of them sewing related.

Hi Monica,

If you’re sewing it by hand ensure you’ve gotten good lighting and take frequent breaks to relaxation your palms.

Monica eight years ago

I might be making a skirt by hand, i hope it really works! any suggestions please electronic mail me! [email protected]

That is sweet to listen to annie. Thanks for your suggestions.

annie eight years in the past

I have used your pattern a number of times now and my daughter and i like it! Thanks for posting this!

Sure Jen, go by the hip measurement. Every successive tier needs to be longer.

jen eight years ago

So in order for you the skirt to sit down at your hips, is the formula for the tiers the same, but for the hip measurement as a substitute (3x hips, three.5x hips, and so on.) or do you still go off of the waist measurement?

Karen Ellis eight years ago from Central Oregon

I am a gypsy at coronary heart. Can’t wait to pull out my fabric pieces and try this skirt. Thanks for the info.

Lily eight years in the past

Omigosh!! Someone finally has directions for one of these fantastic skirts for folks like me, who have (ahem! cough, cough) unfold slightly!!!

I have seen patterns for dresses on this fashion. Check you native sewing store for current patterns.

elli 8 years ago

hey – is it potential to make a costume in this style? i’ll be touring across the nation, and wish to make some simple dresses to put on while i am in the car and out and about. the workers on the fabric retailer weren’t very useful. how much fabric should i purchase if i wish to make a 5-six tiered dress? it would hopefully rest just below my knees.

thanks a lot – your skirts are beautiful.

AuthorFayme Zelena Harper eight years ago from Lucerne Valley, CA

Thank you.

If I had by no means sewn earlier than I’d make a gathered apron first. That gives you an opportunity to study to do gathers and ruffles and a waistband with out investing a whole lot of time or fabric.

For those who prefer to work with a pattern or want a choli, I like to recommend this pattern by Folkwear. It got here out years after I made my skirt, but it has all of the components in one place.

xNefertiti eight years in the past from QLD

Hi, such a wonderful skirt! Do you recommend a primary timer with no sewing machine abilities attempting this skirt themselves? In that case, have you learnt the conversion from yards to metres? Additionally, do you occur to have a pattern for a choli or some sort of prime to put on with the skirt? It is a shame they’re getting so costly to purchase and i do want a costume.. Thanks on your time and for posting this brilliant and gorgeous piece!

Steph 9 years in the past

on the 25yd skirt topic – I simply tried on a three tier one a buddy bought from India – wonderful! It’s fairly heavy, however not uncomfortably so. Made of a positive cotton, and it had an a-line slip of the identical fabric sewn in…for modesty’s sake when spinning 🙂

thanks for the tutorial!

skyaglow 9 years in the past

I love the skirt !

I am a beginner however i’m going to offer it a attempt !

thanks so much

you look great in it too!!

beautiful work!


[email protected]

Charlotte Gerber 9 years in the past from upstate New York

Thanks for the information! I’m linking to you from a featured article I’m writing on Costumes – Make Renaissance Gypsy Costume. Hopefully you will see some visitors to this hub from there!

You can by no means have too many expertise.

Kia 9 years ago

This is admittedly a nice hub. Not into making my own things but the way the ecomony looks I’d must learn.

To do this you’d most simply change to three tiers. Depart off the bottom tier because it has probably the most fabric. I do not use patterns however all the main pattern books have patterns for gypsy skirts if you’re more comfy with that.

Tie a string around the place you want the skirt to take a seat. (Round your hips). Measure from that line to the place you need the skirt to end (your ankles). Add a bit to cover your seams and hem. It’s simpler to make it shorter should you goof than longer, so guess a bit longer.

Julie 9 years in the past

I need to make this skirt But with three tiers and sitting on my hips. Additionally not so full round. It should be possible to make these alterations. What are your ideas. Do you will have a pattern or steps for such? Thanks! I am making an attempt to make a skirt I used to have.

thanks sooooooo a lot

it helps TONS….you’re the most effective!

Okay Michelle, I measured the hem only for you. The skirt within the above picture is 18 yards and some inches round. No surprise it took me so long to sew that ribbon on. See the photograph.

Hello. Yes, these go straight out while you spin. At all times wear something beneath them until that’s the kind of consideration you’re going for

To answer your 2nd query, I by no means fussed with measuring the yardage; I used what I had available. What happened lately was a well known troupe came out with a ten yard skirt and everybody needed to have one. So I am certain others thought, if 10 years are nice 12 yards have to be better. Are we as much as 25 yards now? Holy finger cymbals Batman! Be warned, once you add more yards, the price goes up in addition to the weight of the skirt. I am assuming those 25 yard skirts are made out of one thing really mild weight (gauze or silk?).

What it’s possible you’ll have to do is discover a dancing pal and ask to study their skirt. Or generally you possibly can glean that information from EBAY adverts.

Hope that helps.

me again…lol 9 years in the past

ok…sorry…one other question….what’s the yardage on this skirt? Is it the identical as what’s referred to as the 25 yard dance skirts I have been seeing (that additionally value an arm and a leg?)

and thanks a bunch for sharing…b/c if this skirt is the one i feel it is then you’ve got simply helped me save a ton of money!!! which makes you one of the most awesome ppl i’ve encountered!!! 🙂

michelle 9 years in the past

do these skirts get a pleasant full “spin” ?

I do stomach dance and need a full skirt that flys out and will be twirled, and so on….nothing that hangs form of straight if you turn….does my query make sense (it did in my head…lol)

kate setzer kamphausen 9 years in the past

WOW this is useful! The most useful thing of all was the ratios you offered (which was the very factor stumping me): the primary tier is 3X your waist, the second is 3.5X your waist, the third is 4X your waist.

Thanks A lot!!

METOO 9 years ago

I would like to attempt it and i need to see a pic first i alredy tried the Flikr factor but it surely kinda did not carry me to the photographs…. Please send them to me my e mail is [email protected] . PLEASE send them to me i like bellydancing within the village and that i want some new skirts!!!

Thanks VERYVERYVERY a lot !!!!!!


AuthorFayme Zelena Harper 9 years in the past from Lucerne Valley, CA

Thanks Cherry. I guess you look lovely and they are a lot enjoyable to dance in.

Cherry 9 years in the past

I lastly tried this pattern for myself. It worked out very nice. I stomach dance (properly for my husband) and needed something to suit me correctly. Thank you!!!

Marti 10 years in the past from Grain Valley

Beautiful! My daughter would love this! Thanks for sharing!

I am unable to get the picture to upload to Hubpages. Until I work out what is occurring, you can go ahead and see it right here:

I’ve made them for years. I’ll put up a photo proper now.

Me 10 years in the past

Has anyone attempted to make this efficiently? I don’t want to chop up some fabric and never have it turn out. Did anyone take an image?

AuthorFayme Zelena Harper 10 years in the past from Lucerne Valley, CA

I haven’t had anybody do this sample yet, so if components of it need explaining higher, please let me know.

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