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Not Simply Kilts & Haggis!

Scotland culture and traditions actually stretch again into the mists of time, with some of the earliest relics of Scottish life courting again so far as 8500 BC (no, that’s not a typo!).

Men's Print Candy Galaxy Short Sleeve T ShirtsAnd it’s not solely how much historical past there’s right here that makes it so fascinating, it is how wild, colorful, dramatic and simply downright magical all of it is.

Scotland’s tumultuous past defines her tradition and is on the roots of Scottish traditions, celebrations, myths, art, literature, nationwide delight….

…. and nearly everything else you’ll be able to imagine.

Once you get a glimpse of this intriguing country’s tradition and traditions you’ll be hooked!

Click on these links to leap to….

Scottish people
The language
The clan system
Kilts & tartan

Myths & legends
Symbols & Emblems
Scottish castles
Traditional food

Arts & Literature
Well-known Scots

The Scottish Individuals

At the heart of Scottish culture is its’ individuals, and also you would possibly discover them to be as surprising as Scotlands’ geography and panorama.

At first impression (particularly to non-Europeans), the Scottish people could appear a bit ‘reserved’, however they’re actually very warm-hearted, gregarious and pleasant – with a really sharp, if dry, sense of humor.

The Scottish ‘psyche’ and attitudes has a whole lot of its’ roots in an ancient, rich and diverse historical past.

You’ll discover that the Scots are unbiased, sensible, feisty, tough and proud… but they’re also sentimental, superstitious, spiritual, generous, pleasant and gregarious.

Want to know what Scottish individuals seem like (trace: we don’t all have crimson hair)? Where our ancestors got here from? Or how a lot we’re NOT like the stereotypes?

Take a look at our All About Scottish Folks web page to get all the insider info.

The Scottish Language

What language to Scots converse? Properly, that is determined by precisely where they dwell, and what their ancestry is.

Scotland has it’s personal Gaelic language, but it is not widely spoken.

Movement is being made in the direction of being a dual-language country (Gaelic & English) however not everyone seems to be in favor of this idea.

On the Sheltand and Orkney Isles within the far north, the locals speech is sprinkled with odd words which are remnants of an historic Norse language known as ‘Norn’

‘Scottish English’, then again, is spoken all over Scotland and there are an entire host of regional dialects and variations.

Now, though that is technically English, the strong Scottish accents, and the number of different dialects spoken, could make it very tough for non-locals to understand what’s being said!

You’ll be able to check out our Scottish Sayings, Phrases & Phrases page to get a style of Scottish-English at it is best and try out the phrases and phrases I grew up with.

The Scottish Clan System

Clans are an enormous part of Scotland’s culture, and performed a significant position the country’s historical past.

Scottish clans originated within the Highlands and are a type of ‘prolonged family’ group (taken to the extreme when it comes to dimension and relationship).

Each one originally identifies with a selected area of Scotland and an individual ‘Clan Chief’, and are said to be descended from one ancestor.

Every clan has their own tartan which is showcased in your kilt and other clothes.

Knowing which clan you belong to is important to most Scottish individuals and is a source of delight.

If your family tree has roots in Scotland otherwise you just want to know more about this fascinating, (and still thriving) tribal system, check out this page…. The Clans Of Scotland

Kilts & Tartan

The piece of clothes that we recognize as a ‘kilt’ most likely has it is origins manner back in the ninth century, whereas tartan fabric wasn’t associated with clans until the 18th century.

But collectively they’re an awesome mixture!

The kilt was originally a multi-purpose piece of clothes, worn every day by Highlanders. As we speak it’s come a long way from these humble beginnings and is worn proudly on ceremonial events and ‘huge’ days.

Learn extra about it is history, and the importance of clan tartans on our Scottish Kilts page.

Myths & Legends Of Scotland

Like all ancient cultures, Scotland has a lot of myths and legends…. the truth is, I might say it has more than its justifiable share!

For such a practical folks, the Scottish have a powerful sense of superstition and a respect for what may very well be referred to as the ‘supernatural’.

Many Scottish myths and legends date back to Celtic mythology and folklore, and to the historical Pictish tradition.

Spirits, Goblins, Elves, Fairies (aka Faeries), ghosts, monsters and legendary beasts are additionally a big part of Scotlands’ mythical realm.

Even today, many Scots individuals imagine in something referred to as the ‘Second Sight’, which is the flexibility to see into the longer term (and therefore predict future occasions).

In all probability the best recognized Scottish legend is that of ‘Nessie’, the Loch Ness Monster. She’s believed to dwell within the deep, chilly water of Loch Ness (‘loch’ is the scottish phrase for ‘lake’), which is the largest and deepest loch in Scotland.

Symbols & Emblems

Scotland is awash in symbolism and pageantry and we have of emblems and symbols.

Every one is exclusive, important and significant. Many are world-famous 🙂

So, what do you think of while you hear the phrase ‘Scotland’? Bagpipes? Castles? Kilts?

These are all recognizably Scottish, but did you know that there are literally dozens of emblems and symbols woven into our history, culture and traditions?

From the pure or sensible to the legendary or historic, they will have you spellbound.

Go to our Scottish Symbols page to see the preferred ones and learn extra.

Scotland’s Castles

The rugged and imposing castles which are liberally scattered across this small nation are unbelievable!

There are around 300 castles in Scotland, that’s london flag t shirt online approx. one for every one hundred square miles.

From historic ruins to completely functioning ancestral properties, the sheer range of various styles, sizes and locations of those dramatic structures is awe-inspiring.

You possibly can actually feel the historical past seeping out of their walls.

No visit to this nation is full with out experiencing the magic of a Scottish castle (or two, or ten).

Discover out more about their historical past and see a few of probably the most famous examples on our Scottish Castles page. Put together to be amazed!

Traditional Scottish Food

On the subject of eating, the Scots know how one can do it, however their conventional weight loss program usually options dishes that are not for the faint-hearted, vegans or those who try to shed weight!

A ‘Full Scottish Breakfast’ might include fried eggs, bacon, sausage (patties), black-pudding (blood sausage), baked beans, grilled tomatoes and deep-fried bread.

All washed down with a cup of sizzling, candy tea. It is delicious, however for those who worth your well being I’d recommend not eating this on a every day (and even weekly) basis.

There’s a huge variety of recent, tasty objects to choose from.

Including Aberdeen Angus beef, contemporary fish (saltwater and sea water), conventional favorites like haggis or ‘tatties and neeps’.

Oh, and we Scots love our ‘sweets’ – buttery shortbread is a traditional favorite.

If you want to get a ‘style’ of what we take pleasure in (or find some authentic Scottish household recipes), take a look at our page on Conventional Scottish Food .

Arts & Literature In Scotland

Scotland is way more ‘artsy’ than you might realize. In reality, Scottish art might be traced again to not less than 3000 BC.

Because of our tumultuous historical past, there have been many influences and inspirations at work here.

Gaelic, Norse, Pictish and Celtic art types have existed for centuries, they usually’re seeing a new surge in recognition.

Celtic jewelery and celtic tattoo designs are two of the most well-liked types which can be discovering new fans on an virtually each day basis.

Though you may not consider them as ‘creative’, Scots have a huge appreciation for a superb story, poetry, music, painting (even a great joke), and lots of our traditions/celebrations are colorful examples of this.

Two of probably the most properly-recognized Scots by way of literature should be Robert Burns (aka ‘Rabbie’ Burns) and Sir Walter Scott. Each lived and worked through the 18th century.

At this time you’ll be able to see a huge london flag t shirt online vary of Scottish and worldwide art, on the Edinburgh International Festival which is held in Edinburgh (the capital city), in August annually.

It’s certainly one of the biggest cultural festivals wherever in the world (hosts over 300,000 guests yearly!) and is a spectacle that is most definitely price seeing… however put together to be exhausted afterwards!

And don’t forget the significance of conventional Scottish music and devices in Scotland culture.

The bagpipes and the fiddle are the most well-liked instruments and are answerable for the distinctive and stirring music that reaches right into the soul of every Scot.

Famous Scottish People

For such a small country, we now have produced more than our justifiable share of, not simply artists, however scientists, actors/actresses, athletes, politicians and more.

Some lived as way back as the primary century (yes, the first century!) The checklist marches proper on by way of the centuries and we’re nonetheless adding to it right now.

Heroes, politicians, artists, poets, writers, scientists, athletes, performers, politicians – we’ve got them all.

From freedom-fighter William Wallace (you most likely know him as ‘Braveheart’) in the 13th century, to British Prime Minister Tony Blair and actor Gerard Butler within the 21st century.

See some of our Scotland’s most well-known citizens on our Famous Scottish Folks page.

Scotland Tradition Consists of Sport

Scottish folks get pleasure from sports activities of all kinds, and we’re avid (or possibly that ought to be ‘rabid’ fans in the case of our favourite, or national, groups).

In the case of sports activities, the two ‘biggies’ are soccer (NOT the type played with the pointy ball… I’m speaking about soccer. But do not call it ‘soccer’ if you’re talking to a Scot!), and golf.

Soccer in Scotland dates again to 1873 when the Scottish Soccer Association was first based.

There’s an unlimited quantity of nationwide pride in Scottish soccer clubs and the national workforce. Just about every family has their loyalties they usually run deep.

Golf and Scotland are additionally a terrific match as a result of this is the place the sport originated again within the fifteenth century.

Some of the greatest golf courses on the planet are in Scotland, St. Andrews is a nationally acknowledged name and is without doubt one of the oldest golf courses on the earth.

If you are a fan, take a look at our Golf Scotland page for tons of info. on the perfect courses. There’s also a closer look on the historical past of the sport.

Different sports we Scots take pleasure in embrace curling (one other historical sport, believed to have started again within the 16th century). It includes sliding heavy granite stones across sheets of ice whereas testing your intention.

‘Shinty’ is a uniquely Scottish sport which is mostly performed in the Highlands, at amateur level only 🙂 Performed with a ball and sticks, it blends parts of hockey, lacrosse and golf together to provide a one-of-a-sort expertise.

Then there’s plentiful fishing and many game to hunt. Ski-ing within the winter, and the famous Highland Video games which feature conventional feats similar to ‘Tossing the Caber’ – mainly a contest to see who can throw a tree trunk the furthest.

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