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Little Apple Dolls – Welcome To The In-between

Little Apple Dolls – Welcome To The In-between Posted on October 10, 2017Leave a comment

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Little Apple Dolls – Welcome to the In-between
Updated on October 6, 2013 Missmerfaery444 moreContact Author Follow Little Apple Pink into the Land of In-between… and Meet the Little Apple Dolls

This web page is all about Little Apple Dolls, how to collect them and the place to search out them.

Little Apple Dolls are a sequence of cult dolls created by artist Ufuoma Urie. Both eerie and lovely without delay, the dolls are each essentially alike however dressed in several, sumptuous clothes, every holding a pin-cushion apple.

The story of the Little Apple Dolls describes them as the wandering souls of youngsters who’ve passed into the In-between – they are not dead, however nor are they living.

This page showcases the attractive dolls along with the story of the In-between, and the newest news on restricted editions and other new dolls.

Come, allow us to step into the In-between…

What are Little Apple Dolls?

Little Apple Dolls are a spread of dolls designed by artist Ufuoma Urie. Interesting to followers of dark fantasy and horror, these Japanese-inspired dolls stand at around 13-14 inches excessive (apart from the massive art dolls, that are 3ft, and the mini dolls, that are four inches) and come dressed in beautiful intricate costumes.

These dolls are creatures of the In-between; child souls who’re neither residing nor lifeless. Their faces will not be totally formed, lacking noses and mouths which can render them horrific to some however lovely to others. I discover them eerily and hauntingly stunning.

The primary collection of dolls was launched round 2004, featuring the most famous of the dolls, Sine, Circe and Umbrae. 4 extra subsequent collection followed, together with limited editions and Comic Con exclusives. Packaged in gorgeous white window containers, every with their own legend, the Little Apple Dolls quickly turned cult collectables

Creator Ufuoma Urie has since parted company with the distributor of the dolls, Underground Toys, after they ceased to supply them resulting from “lack of opportunity in the market”.

Thankfully, the Little Apple Dolls reside on, now totally a hundred% artist run!.

The primary sequence of Little Apple Dolls launched us to Circe, Umbrae and Sine, who are also the subject of the Little Apple Dolls guide, “Welcome to the Inbetween”.

These dolls have sold out from shops however can generally be discovered on sites resembling eBay and Amazon. They have been extra not too long ago released as a series of mini dolls.

You possibly can read all about this first sequence of Little Apple Dolls in my lens “Little Apple Dolls Sequence 1” under. These are nonetheless my most favorite of all the dolls, especially Sine! They have an attractive otherworldly aura about them.

Kook and Little Apple Pink…

The stories of the Little Apple Dolls are informed by Kook, whose friends are Little Apple Purple and Charles.

Kook Headcage is a strange-looking little girl who narrates the story of the Little Apple Dolls within the ebook and on the website. Little Apple Purple is an apple plucked from Sine’s orchard in the land of the residing, who became a special apple, keeper of souls, when Sine handed into the In-between. She put pins and damaged glass into the apple and this pin-cushion type fruit is found in the hand of each of the Little Apple Dolls.

The second wave of Little Apple Dolls brought us an general more fashionable-looking selection of dolls, particularly Erro, Irae, Animula and Mentis. You’ll be able to read all about them in my lens below, entitled “Little Apple Dolls Sequence 2”.

Greatest Little Apple Dolls Hyperlinks

Here’s where to seek out the perfect Little Apple Dolls data on the internet.

Little Apple Dolls Official Site
This site is the official residence of Little Apple Dolls, and consists of Urie’s blog in addition to showcases of the most recent restricted version dolls and artwork dolls. Find all the latest information right here!

Screaming Matriarch Retailer for Little Apple Dolls
That is the artist’s official retailer, with signed dolls, limited version dolls and accessories out there to purchase.

Little Apple Dolls at Underground Toys
Regardless of parting firm with the dolls’ creator, there are still some Little Apple Dolls available to purchase on the Underground Toys website, along with cool LAD pin badges.

Little Apple Dolls on Flickr!
The LAD Group on Flickr showcases stunning photographs of the dolls from followers’ collections.
Along came Series 3, with 4 new, extra sinister-wanting dolls in the form of Oneris, Sanem, Triginta Tres and Vates. The sequence was released with a “thriller doll” who turned out to be the first boy LAD, Atrum. You possibly can read all about these wonderful dolls in detail below.

The Guide of Little Apple Dolls…

In 2005, a bit of Apple Dolls guide was launched, detailing the story behind the characters and focusing on the legends of Sine, Umbrae and Circe.

Welcome to the Inbetween: The Story of Little Apple DollsThis is a gorgeous little sq. hardback e-book with fifty six pages, illustrated in gorgeous Gothic color. It tells the stories of the first Little Apple dolls, Sine, Circe and Umbrae, as well as that of Little Apple Crimson, within the words of narrator Kook.

Deliciously dark and disturbing, it tells of how kids’s souls came to be within the Inbetween, and the way Sine modified the Inbetween. It tells of Umbrae the demon huntress, and the witch, Circe, who was chaos born of one thing unnatural.

A brilliant ebook in its own proper, it is a should-have for fans of the dolls.

Buy Now Collection 4 noticed a return to the extra conventional dress of Sequence 1, with Elysia, Lethe, Sine of Souls and Timor Balatro. As soon as once more the eye to detail was gorgeous. Extra details on this sequence coming quickly

By the time Series 5 was due for launch, Ufuoma Urie and Underground Toys were waving goodbye to each other. Solely two dolls made it to launch, Nix and Oscen, but what beauties they’re!

Find Little Apple Dolls on Amazon
Little Apple Dolls: Collection 1 Set of 3 Mini Figures Buy Now Animula Little Apple Doll from Series 2 Purchase Now Welcome to the Inbetween: The Story of Little Apple Dolls Purchase Now The popular first series of dolls, Circe, Sine and Umbrae, have been re-released as miniature variations. Standing at just over four inches tall, the three are mentioned in “Little Apple Dolls Sequence 1”, which you’ll find under.

Do You Accumulate Little Apple Dolls?

Which is your favorite doll? Perhaps you love her due to her eerie beauty, or intricate gown, or since you adore her story. Even if you’re new to the world of the In-between, take a look on the pics and see which one you most desire! Vote right here on your most beloved LAD…

Which is your favorite Little Apple Doll?










Triginta Tres





Sine of Souls

Timor Balatro



Creo and Pestis


See outcomes There were additionally some particular editions and Comedian Con exclusives launched, together with Mirari, pictured.

Together with the twins Creo and Pestis, three other dolls have been released, particularly:




These are a few of the toughest Little Apple Dolls to find.

Who is Ufuoma Urie?
In regards to the Artist

Also referred to as Yurie, Ufuoma Urie created the Little Apple Dolls after experimenting with pictures using the pin-cushion apple as a logo of an inanimate object presenting emotion, whilst exploring myths of creation and destruction.

The name of the Little Apple Dolls come from Latin – for instance, Sine means “with out”, Erro means “to stray or wander” and Irae means “anger” or “rage”. Urie’s father spoke Latin and she used the language with her dolls in his honour. On the Little Apple Dolls webpage she explains that the preservation of tradition and tradition is important by means of storytelling and fable, and she likes to weave these elements into the Little Apple Dolls.

For the final word in Little Apple Dolls for the avid LAD collector, Ufuoma Urie has released a series of Giant Artwork Dolls. These unimaginable items are LIFESIZED child figures standing at 3ft tall, and price within the area of 200-275 pounds sterling. Numerous characters have been given the large format treatment but the only three at the moment available on the Screaming Matriarch site at present are Sine (pictured), Irae and Animula.

Followers of LAD can even buy pin badges, T-shirts and other LAD memorabilia.

The unique pin badges embrace Swirl Face, Skulls, Holding Apple, Little Apple Dolls Fireplace Emblem and the iconic Apple with Pins.

You could find model new accessories from Urie’s Screaming Matriarch site.

There are at the moment badges, bookmarks, prints, cushions and more accessible, in addition to new restricted editions and signed dolls.

You can too sometimes discover the older pin badges on eBay and Amazon.

Do you collect Little Apple Dolls? Would you wish to? I hope you enjoyed this lens – please depart your stories and suggestions right here!

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sendinganonymous four years in the past


June Parker 4 years ago from New York

I hadn’t heard of them before both, but they remind me of some Japanese dolls I used to be given as a toddler many, many moons in the past. Beautiful lens about superior dolls. Very well finished. *Squid Angel Blessed*

Stephen J Parkin 4 years ago from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada

I am another who had never heard of them. They actually have an eerie beauty to each doll.

Linda Hahn 4 years ago from California

I’ve by no means heard of Little Apple Dolls, but I like them. Evidently I remember something about Victorian death dolls, made to hold the souls of the departed. I do know that some people are fully freaked by dolls, particularly when their eyes transfer for no earthly motive.

These are definitely unique dolls. Fun lens for the unique lenses quest. 🙂

TopChristmasToysGifts 4 years in the past

I’ve by no means heard of this collection of dolls.. great choice

I began collecting LAD just to begin a passion, now it’s a real addiction. I’ve a superb begin. I spend slightly time each evening scanning the online. Part of me needs to get each doll…. A minimum of one in box and one out. I’m only halfway in the ones in packing containers. Can’t wait! They are all so lovely!

@anonymous: I’m in search of these dolls for my assortment. I have sine however she had been opened and taken out once i introduced her. If they are all silk strapped in field. I would like to get then from you.

I am a passionate collector of LAD dolls. Will pay good money for good condition dolls the dolls I need to finish my collection are Lanua, praeses And Mirari [email protected] [email protected]

where can I promote little apple dolls? I have all three unopened series 1 in good condition and now not have use for them…can anyone inform me aside from Ebay the place I can sell and get a superb value …email me [email protected] thanks

I like LAD and collect them with passion. If anybody is selling a few of them or is aware of someone who does, please contact me! [email protected]


@nameless: HOW Much I am Desperate TO HAVE EM O.O

Guided Abundance 5 years ago from Cellular, AL

Never ever seen any dolls like these earlier than. Sparks my curiosity they do. I need a few these.

I am trying to promote my Full first sequence and second series dolls. They’re all mint in box. electronic mail me if fascinated. [email protected]

@newbizmau: They are even more mesmerizing in particular person!

jlshernandez 6 years in the past

It’s the primary time I’ve heard of Little Apple Dolls. These are adorable but sort of spooky.

LouiseKirkpatrick 6 years ago from Berkshire, United Kingdom

Oh – these are beautiful! Sine is especially gorgeous and i bet the life measurement dolls are wonderful! Fabulous lens – blessed by this Squid Angel as a part of the “Back To highschool Bus Trip”!

WhiteOak50 6 years ago

I’ve never heard of these dolls before. They are so stunning!! Improbable job placing this page collectively (as always).

Fabulous lens on a enjoyable matter. These little dolls are new to me and I love them! Blessed!

MargoPArrowsmith 6 years ago

Lovely lens! I’ve Angel Blessed it and lensrolled to Born to Be Angelic

Lou165 6 years ago from Australia

I had by no means heard of Little Apple Dolls before, however now I would like some – they really are an important present idea for any goth.

Lemming13 6 years in the past

Between me and my daughter we only have three dolls, however we love them all; they’re so stunning and sad. Mine is Irae and she stands next to my monitor (together with Cthulhu, Ryuk the shinigami and a tiny Howdy Kitty). That is a extremely terrific lens, thank you.

I want these!!! I love gothic stuff and these are just gorgeous.

Robin S 7 years ago from USA

Greetings from Gothic Temptations! 🙂

julieannbrady 7 years in the past

Ah, these are quickly turning into the “apple of my eye” as they’re fairly partaking … and you’ve got introduced them in a really tactile manner!

WebSpinstress 7 years in the past

I’ve a small assortment of Apple Dolls, with “Sine” being my first and favorite. Lensrolling to Gothic Haunted Forest Bedroom Theme as a result of that is where they are finest displayed. 🙂

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