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A quick And straightforward Strategy to Regrip Your Golf Clubs

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When i first obtained involved in golf, I knew I didn’t wish to spend a lot of money on a new passion that I probably might not like. Some of you could also be luckier than I was and have had an incredible set of clubs given to you by a dad or uncle who has determined to upgrade.

I wasn’t so fortunate, but what I determined to do was scout out the pawn shops. I found my first set of clubs for forty bucks included balls and bag. As soon as out on the course I found the grips were not only ugly, however they actually crumbled in my hands because they had been so brittle.

The straightforward cure of course was to re-grip them; I just did not understand how. So after a lesson on re-griping from my pal Gene, I am passing his re-griping method on to you so you can undoubtedly feel better about your set of older clubs.

The first thing he did was pull out an outdated old container with the next tools and provides:

* A can of inexpensive lighter fluid for setting the adhesive ($1.80 vs. $5.99 for golf store model)
* 14 Pipstrips 12″ long grip tape (about .39 cents each)
* 1 field cutter or if you want to spend more, you should purchase grip cutters for as much as 15 dollars
* 1 roll of white (not printed) paper towels or previous tee shirts
* 14 grips of your choice
* Some automotive cleanser/polish or a really superb automotive compound
* And a vice. If you don’t personal a vice, see if a neighbor has one as a result of it’s extremely helpful. You’ll be able to do this and not using a vice, but it’s not fun.

The first step you need to do is remove the outdated grips and that is the place the vice could be very helpful. Earlier than clamping your membership shaft in the vice, protect the shaft by either wrapping in masking tape five or six occasions around, or use an previous kitchen sponge for safety. Since we’re doing this on a budget in this instance, another but handy (if you are going to ever re-grip once more) device is a rubber shaft insert that may be purchased at most golf shops. It fits proper in the vice and holds you comic book shirts amazon club securly whereas you’re employed.

As soon as your shaft is secure within the vice, use the field cutter to chop the outdated grip alongside the shaft. I’ve discovered grips come off easier should you make two cuts, one on top and one on bottom. Now, take away the previous grip. Some come off easier than others. If the old grip is stubborn, soak it with solvent for a couple of minutes to soften the old adhesive. Caution: Each the dearer grip solvent and the lighter fluid are very flammable and toxic. No open flames and a nicely ventilated work area is a must. Put on rubber gloves to protect in opposition to the chemicals in the solvents.

Once the old grip is off, you may clean the shaft with a paper towel and lighter fluid. In any case traces of adhesive have been eliminated, you can begin the following step… installing the new grip. Hey, watch out with that razor knife and do not scratch the shaft.

The first step in putting in your new grip is to put the two-sided adhesive grip strip in place. This is easy, as all you must do is remove the paper defending the adhesive and wrap it across the shaft. Make certain to put in it lengthwise. Putting in the grip is admittedly two steps; the primary is eradicating the protecting piece of paper on the grip to expose the adhesive and the 2nd step is sliding the brand new grip on the shaft and aligning it.

Aligning the grip with the club is important. What I recommend is to take comic book shirts amazon the grip and hold it above the shaft and look down the grip and align the name or design with the backside (flat area) of the membership. Upon getting it in your thoughts the way to align the grip, pour some solvent or lighter fluid on the adhesive. Be sure it is soaked on all sides. I put my index finger over the small gap at the large finish and pour an ounce or two of solvent contained in the grip. Transfer the grip all around and do your best to cover all floor areas contained in the grip. Now, slide the grip on the shaft conserving your alignment in thoughts.

The grip will simply slide on and move round during alignment… however you could have nearly 30-45 seconds earlier than the adhesive starts setting. Start at the top of the shaft and gently transfer down the grip pressing towards the club end to take away any air and clean the grip on the shaft. If there’s any adhesive paper left showing, just take your razor cutter and minimize across the grip and take away all the grip adhesive. Now for the final step.

Over time, the protective finish may have damaged down and there could also be somewhat rust exhibiting. Take the cleanser-polish and apply to the whole shaft to remove any rust or dirt. After the polish dries, take a clear rag and buff. The step will clear your shaft and add a protective coating to it.

Okay! Simply repeat thirteen more occasions and you will personal a terrific trying set of clubs you possibly can actually be proud of. The only thing it’s possible you’ll want to do is buy a new bag to go with your virtually new wanting clubs.

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