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Captain Marvels Fortunate Hat Is The Coolest Fan Art Since Forever

Captain Marvels Fortunate Hat Is The Coolest Fan Art Since Forever Posted on April 9, 2018

And it is awesome.

The hat, which appeared in yesterday’s Captain Marvel #9, follows the color scheme of Carol’s superhero costume but isn’t in any means identifiable as Captain Marvel merch, aside from having appeared briefly within the comic.

Here’s DeConnick, from her Tumblr:

Men's green arrow superhero Print Long Sleeve Tee ShirtTa DAAA!

Wait, what? The place are you going???

Here, lemme ‘splain:

That proper there may be Carol Danverslucky hat, as knit for her by Grandma Rose in Captain Marvel Issue 9, which I know you are all going to have in your sizzling little fingers come Wednesday the 16th.

Here is the panel description for the hat’s first look:

Carol walking towards digicam about to show a corner, Grandma Rose consuming on the park bench supergirl t-shirt behind her. Carol is now carrying a ridiculous knit hat. One thing actually brilliant and absurd, maybe with knit flowers all over it like a type of loopy old fashioned bathing caps.

If such a thing is feasible, the cat is smiling.




Shut up.

Pleased New 12 months, Carol Corps!! I like you.

Obtain the sample right here and disseminate at will.

EDITED So as to add:

I corrected the pattern to add the gauge, but not before I uploaded. In case you have the unsuitable hyperlink, gauge:


14 ½ sts x 24 rows = 410cm in St st on bigger needles with Berkshire Bulky

Gauge is taken with fabric soaked then dried flat.

We often convey fan-made artwork or video to the eye of our readers, and this is like that in a pair of the way–it’s enjoyable, awesome and this author has approximately five percent of the skill essential to make such a factor myself. Otherwise, I totally would.

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