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The way to Create Realistic T-Shirt Mockups On Phot..

Women's Print Planets Short Sleeve Tee ShirtIf you’ve ever used Photoshop before, you know how a lot enjoyable you’ll be able to have being artistic. Whether or not you’ve determined to make use of Photoshop to place your greatest mates head onto an animal’s physique, or if you’re utilizing Photoshop for extra ‘professional’ causes, the ability to create something that appears actual is incredible.

Working for a T-Shirt printing firm, I’ve found one in all the largest advantages is the ability to create lifelike T-Shirt mockups and the flexibility to show how a design may look on a T-Shirt while I’m creating my designs. For this particular activity, Photoshop is an extremely highly effective software – so, with this in mind, I believed I’d create this text to indicate how I create my designs in Photoshop so they look realistic.

In this put up, I’m going to speak about using the Displacement Map feature to create a mockup.

The Displacement Map is a wonderful device which maps and distorts a picture so it blends completely with one other. Put simply, this means that you may your custom design over the top of a T-Shirt picture and it’ll blend the two collectively so the shadows and the creases of the T-Shirt present via the design – making the image appear like it’s a printed T-Shirt somewhat than a plain T-Shirt with an overlay on it.


If you’re going to create a mockup of a T-Shirt, the first thing you’ll need is…a T-Shirt. There are a couple of different options that you would use for getting the appropriate T-Shirt on your mockup. You may take an image of 1 that you simply own or you are able to do a Google search to seek out an image of a certain T-Shirt in a certain colour.

Remember, if you’re including a design to the T-Shirt in Photoshop, the T-Shirt image you’re using needs to be clean – trust me, it’s far too much effort to try remove a pre-present sample.

As you can see from the above picture, I’ve chosen a gray T-Shirt which has quite a lot of creases and shadows in it. You should utilize smoother T-Shirts, however, if you’re wanting to avoid wasting time when creating your mockup.


As soon as you’ve found the T-Shirt and you’ve loaded it into Photoshop you’ll be able to the start to define the Displacement Map. This is principally the image that we determine how and the place your artwork will get distorted and how it blends around the creases of the T-Shirt image.

To do that, click on on the ‘Channels’ tab (found on the panel to the correct of the picture). As soon as there, flick by means of the completely different color channels until you find one which brings out the shadows and the highlights of the T-Shirt the perfect.

For my image, the inexperienced channel seemed one of the best – but be sure that you choose the channel which works greatest for you.


With the correct channel now selected, proper click it after which select “duplicate channel”. Below the ‘Destination’ heading choose ‘New’ after which rename it. I favor to call it ‘Displacement’ but you may name it whatever you want. Once you’ve renamed it click ‘save’ after which your Displacement will open in a completely new document.

STEP four:

Now you need to deliver out the shadows and the highlights of the Displacement picture. Click on the menu, click on image – changes – brightness / contrast and then start to maneuver the toggles till you have a picture which highlights the shadows and the highlights perfectly.

After, you need to add a Gaussian Blur to take away the heather texture. To do that, click Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur after which regulate the radius to blur the entire picture.


When you’re proud of the Displacement Map, save it after which you possibly can shut it and your Displacement Map is finished.

Now you want to return to the unique T-Shirt file and make all the RGB channels visible and click on again into the ‘Layers’ panel. As soon as done, you’re ready to drop your artwork file onto the image.

For my T-Shirt mockup I’m using a Leather-based Face / Texas Chainsaw Massacre design which I’ve created. As you’ll be able to see in the image above, while you overlay the artwork, the creases and the texture of the T-Shirt don’t show by way of.


Now, the next part is to mix the artwork file with the T-Shirt to make it look as if it’s truly part of the garment. To do that, you’ll want to make use of the Displacement Map that, luckily, you’ve simply created.

Click filter-distort-displace and then load the Displacement Map that you created. If you load it you’ll get a pop-up asking you to pick the displacement degree, for the majority of images, selecting between 5 and 10 is perfect – for my design I’ve used 10.

Remember; the upper the number you select the extra drastic your distortion might be so. Which means that going to excessive can truly damage your image.


Once you’ve performed this, it’s best to discover black t shirt canvas that your artwork file is trying more like part of the T-Shirt. The custom design should bend the place the T-Shirt does to make it appear like an precise print rather than just an overlay.

You can also make it look more life like in your artwork layer within the layers panel which will then carry up a ‘Layer Style’ window.double click on though. To do that you want to make the texture of the T-Shirt present by way of your artwork. To do this,

At the underside of this window, you’ll discover a bit which known as ‘Blend If’ and below this there are two sliders. On the slider for the ‘Underlying Layer’ hold down the alt key and click on one half your design.fantastic tune of the adjustable pointer and then slowly move this half to

This process will take your artwork layer and blend it with the shadows and the highlights of the T-Shirt you possibly can truly see the texture of your design starting to indicate through. If you happen to go too far, you’ll discover that your artwork will begin to disappear – if this happens, merely drag the slider again till it seems to be perfect.

STEP eight:

Your T-Shirt is now finished, you must discover your artwork file blends with the creases of the T-Shirt and also you also needs to notice that the shadows and the texture of the T-Shirt are displaying by way of the custom artwork layer.

You can either save your customised T-Shirt now and name it a job well done or you possibly can go one step further to make it look truly superior. This bit is easy.

On the right-hand panel, you’ll discover a drop-down selector which says ‘Normal’. If you happen to click on the drop down you’ll then get other options. For those who click on ‘Overlay’ it’ll further overlay your design onto the T-Shirt which increases the quantity of texture which is allowed to show via.

Another choice is to pick ‘Multiply’ and then it’ll nearly imprint your artwork onto the T-Shirt.

Depending on the color of your artwork file, you could notice that your artwork will change colour. In some instances, your artwork will turn invisible. Don’t worry though, it is because the color of your artwork isn’t appropriate with the selection – in this case, the steps above are perfect.


So, there you have got it. You’ve now successfully created a T-Shirt Mockup utilizing Photoshop. Your design ought to now appear like it’s really a part of the T-Shirt relatively than you’ve simply overlayed two separate photos in Photoshop.

If you’ve discovered this article helpful, or if in case you have any questions about the way to do it. Depart a remark or ship me a message and I’ll be happy to assist with any points that you may have.

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