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Ryan’s Late Overview: Witcher 3 Hearts Of Stone DLC

A must have for any Witcher fan.

Hearts of Stone is a unbelievable DLC for the Witcher three sport. It has a wonderful story, engaging characters, and enhancements to the gameplay.

Men's Custom Cracking Marvels Short Sleeve Tee ShirtThe story begins with the introduction of a new character, Olgierd von Everec. Olgierd duties Geralt with slaying a monster, but there’s a catch. The slain monster becomes human, and Geralt is arrested for homicide. While on his prisoner ship, Geralt is rescued by a supernatural man known as Gaunter O’Dimm. He guarantees to free Geralt in trade for Geralt’s help with an unspecified job. Geralt is pressured to accept and the ship promptly crashes and Geralt escapes.

The story revolves around Geralt helping Gaunter O’Dimm grant Olgierd von Everec three needs. Olgierd has made a Faustian bargain with O’Dimm and O’Dimm tasks Geralt with granting those wishes. The story is rather more interesting than foremost plot in Witcher 3. Olgierd and O’Dimm are fascinating characters. The sport does an excellent job of showing reasonably than telling. As a substitute of simply explaining Olgierd’s background and motivations, the game reveals it through the three needs. And regardless of Olgierd’s horrible deeds, by the top you are feeling sorry for him and his plight. The story also black shirts women’s doesn’t require you to know the full backstory of Geralt like Witcher three did. Hearts of Stone is well accessible to new gamers unfamiliar with Witcher lore.

The one weak a part of the plot is the romantic subplot. The feminine character, Shani, feels shoe-horned into the story. She’s underdeveloped and solely seems to be there to fulfill the romance verify field the sport requires. It’s diametrically opposed to the romance in Witcher 3. In Witcher 3, it was clear that Geralt had a wealthy backstory and relationship with Yennefer and Triss. Hearts of Stone fails to have that very same connection between Geralt and Shani.

The gameplay stays largely the identical, with some improvements. New enemies, known as Arachnomorphs, add a pleasant challenge. As opposed to most enemies, Arachnomorphs work collectively against Geralt. They shoot webs that entice Geralt, allowing the opposite Arachnomorphs to swarm and assault. Individual Arachnomorphs retreat away from Geralt into the safety of the big pack. These fights forced me to have a greater plan than spamming the short attack button and quen sign.

The bosses are extremely simple, aside from one irritating boss known as The Caretaker. I felt like I’d been transported to Bloodborne. He has a huge scythe and a strong area of impact attack. However that’s not the issue. The issue is he heals with every profitable attack. And if he’s not hitting you, he’ll summon corpses and hit them to heal himself. It took a stable ten minutes of combating to defeat him, which is significantly longer than some other battle in the sport.

There’s new gear and runes to unlock. The highlight of the new gear is the Viper Witcher Set, which makes you immune to poison. A brand new merchant will take your runes and combine them into runewords than improve your weapons or overall sets.

Overall, Hearts of Stone is a superb DLC. It provides a fantastic story and doesn’t deviate too removed from the strong gameplay that made Witcher 3 one of the best video games of the year.

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