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We have made these Edward Snowden t shirts because we feel Edward Snowden is unquestionably an American Hero, and we are so grateful for his courage to release the truth about how the US government’s intelligence agencies have betrayed Americans, our freedoms and the Constitution written to protect them.

Edward Snowden’s revelations clearly show the spy agencies in the US and elsewhere are quickly pushing us toward a dystopian reality that resembles something out of an Orwell novel. Only if more people like Edward Snowden are willing to take the risks necessary to expose the truth can we have a chance at reversing the growth of the surveillance state.

We created this shirt so supporters of Edward Snowden and those who are grateful for his heroism can show their support as well as draw others into a discussion over what is arguably the greatest issue of our time. Our Edward Snowden t shirts are great conversation starters. with those who and agree as well as those who don’t. You will also meet many more people who agree he is a hero than you would imagine, which will certainly help strengthen your hope for the preservation of our liberty and privacy, both now and in the future.

All the proceeds simply go to keeping this Edward Snowden shirt project alive so we can get more people showing their support for Edward Snowden, more people wearing Snowden tees and growing awareness about the surveillance state and how to stop it.

Order your shirt today! All of us here at SnowdenShirt.com can’t wait to hear how much you love your Edward Snowden tee shirt, so make sure to tell us your thoughts when it arrives!

Thank you!

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