Edward Snowden: a hero, not a traitor

If you value your privacy and want to prevent America or any other country from turning into a police state, it’s important thasnowden-profile-pic-675x1024t you show your support for Edward Snowden. The easiest way is to pick up an awesome Edward Snowden t shirt from us and wear whenever you can!

Edward Snowden risked his life and upended his career to expose how a rapidly growing surveillance state is quickly eroding our liberty by erasing our privacy. The political establishment and intelligence industry insiders often make Snowden out to be a traitor, saying that he gave US intelligence to the Chinese government, or that Russia has traded him asylum for secrets.

This is just a ploy, and Snowden is in fact one of America’s greatest heroes. The sacrifice he made shows he believes so strongly in protecting our privacy and exposing government abuses that he was willing to risk everything to stop it. Snowden shined a white hot light on the outrageous ways intelligence agencies betray Americans. Citizens of the US and other Western countries, journalists and activists have benefited immensely from what Snowden exposed, and it’s with this knowledge we can work to protect our privacy and fight back against the abuse.

Without Edward Snowden, neither we or the tech companies we rely on would have any idea how badly our technology, communications and the very web itself has been compromised. Western governments, led by the the US, the UK and the rest of the “Five Eyes” nations have turned the devices and services that make our lives easier, help us do business and allow us to share more of our lives with friends and family into Orwellian tracking devices that record our every spoken or written thought and map our relationships and interests. To make matters worse, busybody governments and the voyeurs who work for them have created security holes in the web that criminals, terrorists and other bad actors can actually exploit to make their crimes easier to accomplish.

Edward Snowden, is not a traitor; Snowden is a hero. He has put his life on the line so we could know the threats that we’re faced with – the real and pressing ones that come from the governments we vote for and pay taxes to –  not ones in far away places.

It is important that we stand with him and show our support for what he has done. It is vital that the support we show for him communicates to those we meet the importance of what he has done and the danger which he has exposed. It is so important because if we do nothing, and if more people don’t become outraged by the loss of personal privacy in contemporary times, then we will never be able to curb the power of the surveillance state. While this outcome may be too terrifying to think of, we need not risk it at all.

Sunlight was shined on the surveillance state. The more that people can come to understand it, and the more people understand that it can be stopped, the faster we’ll be able to put an end to the surveillance state.

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